A Platform for Development

"The jazz festival format is the perfect platform for interaction between foreign and local musicians, for cultivating a music industry infrastructure, for creating quality cultural experiences, and for educating and developing young talent. A music festival-based development platform will eventually evolve into a socioeconomic asset for Dar Es Salaam."

Bobby Ricketts

– Founder & Creative Director of The Dar Jazz Event

The Dar Jazz Event may bring thrilled audiences, inspired musical performances, and fresh, innovative global sounds to the city of Dar Es Salaam, but the underlying factor is a conceptual platform designed to create true impact for an East African music sector burgeoning with talent and the potential for exponential growth.

  • · The Dar Es Salaam Tanzania-based Dar Jazz Event (DJE) is a multi-day event featuring concerts, jam sessions, seminars & workshops.
  • · An international team of artists converge upon the city of Dar Es Salaam for one week of music development via seminars, clinics, jam sessions and concerts.
  • · DJE focuses on being a catalyst for the development of a healthy music infrastructure in Tanzania, which will in turn provide a support system for careers in the music industry which are sustainable over the long term.
  • · The mission of The Dar Jazz Event initiative is to create long term Education & Development opportunities for musically talented Tanzanian Youth, while working toward the establishment of an annual, international, African-centric jazz music festival in Dar Es Salaam.